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Investigating Multiplication and Division (Grades 3–5) explores with increasing sophistication big ideas in multiplication and division including systemic factoring and the distributive, associative, and commutative properties, as well as their use in computation.

Investigating Multiplication and Division includes

Overview Unit Books Posters Resource Guides Resources CD-ROM An Overview book explains the series’ philosophy and components, outlines the contents of each unit, and describes how to integrate the series into your existing curriculum.

Five unit books each comprise a two-week sequence of investigations, games, and minilessons that foster a deep conceptual understanding of essential mathematical ideas.

  • Groceries, Stamps, and Measuring Strips: Early Multiplication
  • The Big Dinner, Multiplication with the Ratio Table
  • Muffles’ Truffles:Multiplication and Division with the Array
  • The Teacher’s Lounge: Place Value and Division
  • The Box Factory: Extending Multiplication with the Array

Seventeen posters set the stage for learning with rich imaginable contexts designed around landmark numbers and meaningful number relationships.

Two yearlong resource guides provide strings of related problems that develop students’ deep number sense and expand their repertoire of strategies for mental arithmetic.
  • Minilessons for Early Multiplication and Division
  • Minilessons for Extending Multiplication and Divisionn

A Resources CD-ROM supports your math workshop with a range of video and print resources.

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Grades 3–5
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