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In this Overview book Cathy explains the series' teaching and learning philosophy and provides the professional understandings needed to establish a vibrant math workshop. After chronicling the motivations and ideals that inspire her work, Cathy describes how the series is designed to help students construct the big ideas, strategies, and models that shape the landscape of learning. Ensuing sections describe the architecture of an investigation and explain how the predictability of this framework fosters independence and collaboration. In addition to describing the management systems that make these investigations rigorous and responsive, Cathy suggests ways to sequence instruction and highlight how units can be used to enhance your existing curriculum.


Introducing Contexts for Learning Mathematics
Why We Wrote These Materials

  • Mathematics or Mathematizing?
  • The Role of Contexts
  • The Importance of Emergent Modeling
  • From Numeracy to Algebra
Our Teaching and Learning Philosophy
Depth versus Breadth
The Landscape of Learning
  • Strategies, Big Ideas, and Models
  • Learning as Development
Using the Materials
Description of Components
  • Investigating Number Sense, Addition, and Subtraction Overview
  • Resources for Contexts for Learning Mathematics CD-ROM
  • Unit Books with Companion Read-Aloud Books
  • Resource Guides
Using Contexts for Learning Mathematics with Your Curriculum Contexts for Learning Mathematics Professional Development

Teaching and Learning in a Math Workshop
Overview and Description
Developing the Context
Supporting the Investigation
Preparing for the Math Congress
Facilitating the Math Congress
Integrating Minilessons, Games, and Routines
Time Frame
A Session Walk-Through

Establishing a Mathematical Community

Final Words


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